AND THE Many other Help Desk ADVisors...

Available 24/7/365 to all of our Concerto Network clients.  Welcome to the Simple Office!  We are here to help you!


Years of experience: 4

Position: Help Desk Specialist

Carly joined Concerto in late 2013.  She helped create a sense of urgency for not only current issues facing the technology community, but focusing on having systems in place to develop sound strategies to confront new obstacles.

OUR MISSION at Net Express

Simplified Computer, Phone and Information Technology (IT) solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to do what they do best... THEIR business.

Ian Brown

Years of experience: 14
Position: Lead IT Specialist

Ian has an education in business & finance with 11 years experience helping both small business and large industries improve business performance.


​Years of experience: 7

Position: Lead Help Desk Advisor

Ryan's goal is to make sure his team of Help Desk Advisors are prompt and efficient in helping Concerto clients on an as-needed basis.  At a moments notice Ryan and his team are here to help!


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About Us

​Since 2005, we have been providing Southeast Michigan businesses with our services.  We go beyond simple troubleshooting and repair, providing a holistic approach to IT support and management while offering significant savings and value.  You can view us as a business partner, not as repair men.


Years of experience: 32
Position: Chief Phone System Operator

Otto has been in the phone system business for many years.  He plays an essential role for Concerto by managing traffic on our hosted phone system and providing ongoing maintenance and security.  His contributions and constant striving for innovation gives Concerto the upperhand in providing the very best to its clients.


Years of experience: 3

Position: Help Desk Team Leader

When clients contact the Concerto Networks Help Desk, Josh wants every individual to come away with a satisfying experience.  He takes pride in providing clear and concise guidance for everyone he encounters.

-  24/7 IT Support and Help Desk​

-  Affordable and Innovative Business Telephone Systems

-  Structured Network Cabling and Infrastructure

-  Video Surveillance and Camera Systems

-  TV Mounting and Audio Installation

We provide our clients with a bottom-up consultation that sees a business’s vision to reality. Our goal is to provide a straightforward Simple Solution to let businesses do what they do best.

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“Net Express delivered everything they promised. I have never been happier with the SIMPLE OFFICE !”



Aaron Drake

Years of experience: 7
Position: Regional Operations Manager

Before joining NetExpress, Aaron worked for the Michigan House of Representatives as a Constituent Relations Director for two past legislators.  Aaron has always had a passion for connecting with people and solving problems.  When Aaron decided to pursue a career in the private sector, Net Express was an obvious choice. It was a perfect union of his love for technology and working with folks to solve problems. He has grown relationships with many of our clients and continues to build new ones to expand our client base to new areas.  Aaron is a Brighton High School graduate and an alumni of Central Michigan with a B.S. in Political Science.

Scott MacMartin

Years of experience: 23
Position: President

Scott MacMartin founded Concerto Networks of Detroit in 2005. In 2019 Scott merged his operations with Net Express. 

Scott expanded our expertise and service lines significantly over the past 17 years and has helped grow the staff to approximately 15 people. 

Prior to opening Concerto Networks Detroit, Scott spent 10 years in the automotive industry in various Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales roles. 

Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from Kettering University (Formerly GMI) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Oakland University.