Camera Systems have come a long way over the years.  Businesses need these camera systems for a variety of reasons from security or liability concerns to theft.  Concerto Networks has worked with many different clients to meet their objectives in a concise and cost efficient manner.

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  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) powered Cameras (powered from one strategically located switch)
  • Wiring is simple and inconspicuous (Single Cat5e Cable)
  • High Resolution (up to 7552 x 1416 (12MP)
  • High Durability Indoor and Outdoor Applications(Waterproof, Heat, Cold and Vandel Resistant)

Quality Camera Systems for Business

  • Remote Access Viewing from Android, IOS, Windows, or MAC
  • Motion Detection
  • Night Vision (Extreme Visibility in Extremely Dark Environments)
  • Variety of Camera Versatility - i.e. Fisheye Cameras (360 degrees at Ultra High Def for large open areas)
  • High Capacity Recording