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  • You Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers, But Use Your Existing Internet Service Provider (i.e. Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, WOW etc.)
  • Installation is quick and easy and has minimal-to-no impact on your current setup
  • eFax (Fax via Email), Video Conferencing, Voicemail to Email and Paging Supported
  • Office 365 & MS Teams Integration
  • 1 Phone to 1000 Phones. Scale up or down as needed. (Have a system that ALWAYS fits your business)

  • High Tech VoiP Phones at Low Cost
  • Lower Monthly Phone Bill
  • No Long Term Contract (Month to Month)
  • Versatility (You choose how and where it works in its entirety)
  • Call Routing, Managing, and Extensions, Auto Attendant, and Music On Hold all done online
  • System Changes as your Company Changes
  • Readily Available Customer Service (No more waiting on hold or several days for service)
  • Call Via App from IPhone, Android etc. but show Office Caller ID

Innovative and Affordable Phone Systems

Texting from your business phone number. SMS and MMS can be sent from our texting platform or via email. 

We have been servicing and managing a variety of phone systems throughout our 18 years in the business.  There isn't a phone system we cannot manage.  Having said that, Hosted Cloud Based Systems are the most efficient, flexible and affordable business solutions to date.  This allows us to provide our clients with fair and affordable monthly rates.